Choosing a Survival Seed Bank

Ashley Adamant at Practical Self Reliance has written a great article about Seed Vaults.  At least I think it is great, because she makes so many points of the same points that made me want to make a Seed Pack that actually gives you food security.

Some points from her article Choosing a Survival Seed Bank.

If you have never grown anything before, a bag seeds isn't going to save you.  While I have tried to put together a good set of instructions to go with our seed packs, some experience with gardening will be a huge help.

Appropriate to your area.  In an email with Ashley she mentioned that the variety of corn in our packs is 115 day but their growing season isn't long enough in the North Eastern US.  Our growing season is 280 days here in South Central Texas.  Some of the things she can grow well will burn up in our summers!  So our seed packs are chosen for the the South Eastern US plus Texas and Oklahoma.

Practical vs Impractical  We have focused on getting the calories and protein in a diet that will allow you to thrive.  You can supplement with fun crops like watermelons etc, but you can't live off watermelons!

Packaging  Our packs are dual vacuum sealed with silica gel desiccant.  If you only use part of the seeds you will need to put it in a plastic bag or something similar.  The pail has a lid with a seal which will protect the seeds from mice, moisture, light, etc.

Please check out Ashley's site for more information!