About Us

Restoring the Past, For Our Future

The Seed Vault Company was started to provide people with a means to grow their own food.  Whether you are interested in Homesteading or Survival, there is very little information about what types and how much food you need to grow for a specific region.  We have always loved gardening, orchards, and small scale farming.  We have lived in Texas and Oklahoma and understand that plants adapted to California or Washington state don’t thrive here.  We have worked for the last several years to put together the staple crops needed to feed you and meet your basic nutritional needs of calories and protein. After much research we decided to base our packs on what the Native Americans grew, the three sisters, corn, beans, and squash (okra and collard greens are added for a little variety).

Our first Survival Seed Packs are for the Gulf Coast States (eastern 2/3 of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida) as well as the adjacent interior states of Eastern 2/3 of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina.  These areas share a long growing season with hot humid summers.

Our goal is to help you be self-sufficient in growing all of the calories and protein you need.

We are not associated with the Seed Vaults which are storing seeds in Norway and other places to preserve the genetic diversity of our planet.  This is a great work and we are thankful that people are doing it.


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