How much area do I need to grow all of this food?

I assumed average yields for each vegetable and the total area is 0.41 acres (17,800 ft2 or about 135 ft square) per person.  However, it is good to utilize crop rotation so I would recommend about 1 acre per person leaving 0.6 acres to lay fallow (rest) every year.  This area needs to reasonably flat and have full sun and doesn't all have to be in one place (you can have lots of smaller patches).  Detailed planting instructions are included in the Survival Seed Pack for each crop.

Plot Sizes

Area Size
Corn 11,712 ft2 108ft X 108ft
Cowpeas 2,544 ft2 50ft X 50ft
Pinto Beans 2,226 ft2 47ft X 47ft
Squash 228 ft2 15ft X 15ft
Collards 265 ft2 16ft X 16ft
Okra 795 ft2 28ft X 28ft


In what area will the Survival Seed Pack grow best?

The Survival Seed Pack variety and types grow best in the the colored area below.  This doesn't mean that they won't grow other places, they are just the best options for the South Eastern US as well as the eastern 2/3 of Texas and Oklahoma.  These selections were made based on rainfall, humidity, growing season length, minimum and maximum temperature, and common pests and plant diseases.  The packs work well going further west but since the rainfall and humidity are lower more irrigation would be required.