In what area will the Survival Seed Pack grow best?

The Survival Seed Pack variety and types grow best in the the colored area below.  This doesn't mean that they won't grow other places, they are just the best options for the South Eastern US as well as the eastern 2/3 of Texas and Oklahoma.  These selections were made based on rainfall, humidity, growing season length, minimum and maximum temperature, and common pests and plant diseases.  The packs work well going further west but since the rainfall and humidity are lower more irrigation would be required.

Aren't the seed packs expensive.  I found a cheaper seed pack at another store.

Seed Vault Company Survival Seed Packs only include seeds of plants that will grow in your area.  These seeds will provide all of the calories and protein you need for a year!  Next calculate the price per pound of seed.  Our seeds are less than $10.50 per pound (don't be confused by the number of seeds!  Lettuce seeds are about 425,000 seeds per pound.)  Our Survival Seed Packs are also double vacuum packed with silica gel desiccant to increase storage life.  They are then packed in a durable plastic container to protect from water, insects, rodents, and light!