1.  How did you come up with the total calories and protein?

Assumed Daily Diet
1.65 lbs Corn
0.08 lbs Peas
0.14 lbs Pintos
0.5 lbs Squash
0.1 lbs Collards
0.25 lbs Okra
3,142 Calories
137g Protein

First I am not a doctor or dietician so please check with a medical professional before going on a limited variety diet.  So these are just my calculations (I am an engineer) using publicly available sources.  I used food calorie and protein data from SELFNutritionData ( and nutritional protein requirements from Recommended Daily Allowance published by the US Government (  I put together this data and made the average daily diet.

3,000 calories was used as a baseline for an active adult.  The recommended daily protein intake for a 200 lb adult is 55 grams per day.  This diet yields almost 3X the recommended amount which is important for children and women who are pregnant or nursing.

2.  What about the essential amino acids?

Using the resources listed in #1 the daily recommended diet yields the following amino acids in grams per day (requirements are based on a 200 lb adult).

Amino Acid Required Supplied
Histidine 1.08 3.06
Isoleucine 0.90 4.76
Leucine 1.26 12.94
Lysine 1.08 5.40
Methionine 1.17 2.54
Phenylalanine 1.26 6.21
Threonine 0.63 4.26
Tryptophan 0.32 1.03
Valine 0.90 6.19

 All essential amino acids are supplied.

3.  What about all the other vitamins and minerals?

It is always recommended to take supplements when on a diet of limited variety (plant based diets are often deficient in Vitamin B12 which is needed in small amounts but is essential).  In order to ensure that as many different vitamins and minerals are supplied with a limited number of vegetables, we included okra for a green vegetable in the summer and collards to be eaten in the winter and spring.  Other vegetables, fruits, and meats are recommended to supplement your daily intake as available.  Look at the table below and note that you will need to supplement Vitamin E, Vitamin D, sodium, and calcium (based on a 2,000 calorie diet, again I am not a doctor or a dietician so check with a doctor before going on a limited variety diet).

Vitamin A 665
Vitamin C 172
Vitamin D 0
Vitamin E 58
Vitamin K 817
Thiamin 208
Riboflavin 108
Niacin 345
Vitamin B6 480
Folate 428
Vitamin B12 0
Pantothenic Acid 131
Calcium 69
Iron 151
Magnesium 340
Phosphorus 318
Potassium 230
Sodium 1
Zinc 181
Copper 164
Manganese 472
Selenium 647