South Central Texas Garlic & Mistakes

In December of 2017, we planted garlic to harvest for the farmers market.  Since we are located in the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas (really at the intersection of Central Texas and Upper Gulf Coast) in Zone 8B/9, I was concerned about how well traditional garlic would do.  We planted some creole garlic (Creole Red, Pescadero Red, and Rose de Lautrec) and Turban Garlic (Uzbek, Thai Fire, and Xian) and a soft neck garlic Lortz Italian.  Creole and Turban garlics are supposed to work well in hot climates. 

I watered them a few times and then got busy with other projects.  I neglected the garlic patch for two years.  The patch now looks like a field with all of the various weeks etc.  Some garlic survived and some didn't.  We prepared a new area and transplanted the survivors.  We will (hopefully) do better with weeding and fertilization and find out which varieties are best for our area of Texas. 

So neglect can still teach us which crops are best suited for our area.  If they survive with neglect, just think how well they will do with a little care!

Survivor Garlic

Survivor Garlic Before Transplanting